Haussmann, a global blueprint for the sustainable industrial production of housing.
When in production, “Developer’s type profits” from an industrial production of “Real Estate”, may be achieved.

First time offered, an investment in Haussmann is now within your reach.

Your investment will enable us to put our competitive advantages to work and create a new industry and a new way of doing business in the 21st Century.

The purpose of our Company is to be a force for good, leaving a “social footprint” of new opportunities and social entrepreneurship, with the aim of creating value over decades for all concerned, whether a shareholder, an employee, a customer, or society.

We are planning and implementing, step by step, well programmed commercialisation programs and processes, preparing our fund-raising programmes and possibly seeking new capital, by public listing, (IPO) initial public offering and reverse mergers, Global equity crowd funding programmes. Also offering another investment opportunity through convertible Bonds with conversion rate of debt to equity in a Haussmann Plant, of up to 33 1/3 % of total debt issued at time of offer.

We have an ongoing dedicated commitment supporting and progressing our actions to achieve exceptional outcomes.

We believe, our way of doing business, must serve and benefit all and must create a Win:Win for all involved.

Once our first manufacturing plant is in production, Haussmann will derive plant profits from the sale of goods, which are precision engineered, affordable, highly competitively priced, state of the art residential homes and emergency Housing, deriving sales from local and global markets.

Each investor, following an investment over
AUD $10,000
via a licensed equity crowd funding platform, or IPO, via nominated security dealer, stockbroker or other licensed security funding platform, will receive a priority bonus order number, to purchase a Haussmann home, from the first production
of the first 10 000 homes,
to be produced at our first Australian plant at Bromelton, Queensland.

A further priority investment Bonus will apply to early investors when a plant is in full production, by receiving an annual automatic participation right in Haussmann’s Home give away in- house lottery of
1,000 Homes per annum,
a chance to win a home every year for the next 20 years.

Each Haussmann homeowner, upon taking possession of his or her home, will double the value of their Home, adjusted to current local  home market values – having purchased their Haussmann home at a
50% discounted price offer.

We also believe, there are more responsibilities a business must meet other than just creating profits.

We intend to create shared values by integrating our future needs with the needs of our customers, actively enhancing our ongoing R&D efforts, retaining our industrial and product leading position and progressively growing our global market share.

We will lead by example and will provide outgoing entrepreneurial leadership.

We are progressing through the planning stages in preparation for the construction and commissioning of the first Haussmann M3, precision engineered, building systems housing manufacturing plant to be located at Bromelton, Qld. Australia.

When investing in Haussmann Limited, via an approved licensed investment platform, each and every early investor will become an equity partner and a Shareholder in each and every Haussmann plant, via the Haussmann Limited majority shareholding. As equity partners in each and every operating plant established and in production, investors will have a share in projected future returns.

When considering an investment in Haussmann, consider seeking independent advice. Due to the start-up nature of Haussmann, investing in Haussmann Limited carries risks.
Our forecasts, financial projections, and forward looking statements are conditional upon receiving funding and other known/unknown conditions which may apply, and as such, may not necessarily be within the control of the management of Haussmann Limited, and unexpected adverse results could result in loss of investment.

Haussmann Limited does not create any profit during the early preparations, planning, and commissioning of each Plant.

Each Haussmann Plant will take up to
18 months to start production, and will take a further
12 months to achieve our first plant production and the sale of Homes, Residential Dwellings.

Based on our forward financial projections, when in production, investment returns will compound every year, with returns being added by bringing into production our second plant and subsequent plants.

With each plant being brought into production, our Global market, purchase leverage and size of our business expands.
We aim to become the leading industrial dominant market force in the manufacturing of residential dwellings.

In creating our success and exercising our industrial advanced scientific, engineering and production abilities, we will illustrate our global business mechanics and exceptional performance through the unique pivotal advantages of our diverse business activities under the one company.

Through well prepared and directed investments, ongoing R&D and a programme of continuous improvement and our applied expertise, Haussmann plants will strive compounding benefits over many years to investors, shareholders, and employees alike.

Haussmann’s M3 building systems are potentially a game changer.

Haussmann homes provide shelter at an exceptionally affordable price, benefitting each and every Haussmann customer and society.

Haussmann offers a unique industrial value proposition that will shape the future of housing on a formidable scale of production of efficient homes that are affordable and sustainable with zero emissions, green technology, and precision engineering for both residential and emergency housing.

In short: Potentially a Unicorn in the making.

Using our industrial and raw material advantages, we can create advanced living room spaces, aesthetic designs combined with functionality, providing a superior type of building system.
Haussmann Residential Dwelling packages, when produced, will capture the local and global market share, responding to the never ending demand for affordable housing and emergency housing.

As a result of design and manufacturing superiority, we are overcoming and replacing present wet build inefficiencies and changing the way residential homes are designed, built, and sold.

Conventional building materials currently available to professional builders and applied through the “wet building” process to produce boutique, one-off hand crafted dwellings at the client’s location require a lengthy process over many months.

The current boutique build of residential dwellings is an excessively expensive and unsustainable process producing substantial Co2 emissions and taking months of specific building processes on site.

In 2020, this is simply unacceptable for a sustainable future and is causing massive depletion of natural resources to supply materials to meet the demand for shelter.

Our Homes are transported in divided small part- sections, in containers by rail, road, barge or ships to the nominated customer building site.
Our homes can potentially be built within weeks to lock up stage, ready to move in and provide a far superior product, compared to most boutique, conventionally build homes, built over 6-9 months.

Haussmann is shaping the world of housing by providing superior quality, quantity, price and industrial, precision engineered housing products, expected to start production in mid or late 2022.

Brands like Haussmann will grow more powerful over time, because consumers judge the virtue and ethics of a brand.
Haussmann, by its actions, is going to support society by
donating 2,000
240 square meter homes per annum per plant for 20 Years.

This will make a real impact in reducing homelessness and other prominent social issues.
Haussmann is at the cutting edge of affordable housing supply and a leader of social and sustainable causes.

Haussmann is willing and able to address the huge demand for shelter and housing in the global marketplace. We offer exceptional compounding benefits for all concerned, from home buyers, investors, employees and beyond.

Haussmann will become synonymous with quality, sustainable buildings and products with characteristics which are durable, competitive, environmental and with the advantage of delivering homes faster, cheaper, and better than any other competitor.

Our main value proposition is the offer of a lower cost commoditised product.
Haussmann manufactured buildings stand apart from any other housing system, having created a totally sustainable, fire proof, non combustible, vermin proof and cyclone proof residential dwelling.

All our residential, precision engineered buildings are installed clicked together on site, by our professional, licensed building, installation teams.

By bringing two sides of a marketplace together – supply and demand – market demand will be created by our advanced range of mass-produced products thereby creating a virtual circle of sustainable growth.

Doubling down on our commitment to providing product sustainability, we are using, as part of our raw materials
750,000 tonnes of mixed solid waste per annum per plant. We turn waste
“intermingled raw materials” which form a major part of our raw material stream, delivering an impressive zero waste solution, application, precision engineered building systems.

Greater than 25% return on investment is within your reach.
A global blueprint for a sustainable future for housing

Our initial R&D programmes began in 2000 and were completed in mid-2017.

Our licensor’s IP portfolio consists of trade secrets, processing know how, and a large range of uniquely developed technologies and formulations, plant patents, trademarks, and a number of design patents.
It is proposed, once plant blueprints are completed, that some of our innovations will be patented.

We envisage home-building systems design patents, Haussmann plant design product and plant production systems patents will be lodged.

The ultimate key to Haussmann‘s success is the application and use of special materials and ultra-efficient and new industrial operating technologies, which virtually no competitor can match.

“Our main value proposition” is the offer of a lower cost commoditised end product.

Solving plant by plant the demand for affordable housing, solving in part the global problem of housing affordability and shelter for mankind, without destroying and adversely affecting and impacting the environment, thus creating a sustainable product.

Fuelling a circle of production growth, suppliers of goods and services to each and every Haussmann plant will provide jobs growth.

Ultimately, combining both, low-cost and high-capability capacity provision of housing, which gives Haussmann a highly advantageous position.

Most importantly, Haussmann has created a new industry which will be the beginning of a huge global housing supply.

Haussmann’s manufactured building systems are the driver of our company’s revenue and focus of the company’s attention. Our dedication and total concentration of our efforts in the commercialisation of our technologies, and bringing our plants into production will in time become one of the greatest wealth generators, once our global factories have been established.

The protection of our environment is one of the core missions, enabling us to drive massive growth.

Many of the biggest and most durable businesses in history have been built on a specific advantage(s) related to cost, but have never included so many other benefits as offered by Haussmann industrial systems and products.

Haussmann is expected to attract a strong customer base wanting something more, something beyond price. Namely, sustainability, ethical production, new and well-paid jobs, and a quality Haussmann product.

The key to our global success is also assessed by how much our industry is going to positively affect society, and this will be the shown by the ultimate acceptance of our products by society.

We have been in talks with relevant Government Departments discussing our vision and seeking support to build our M3 housing systems manufacturing plants, and outlining the substantial community benefits to any economy of a nominated country and or state, wherever a Haussmann Plant is established.


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Project Owner:

  • Haussmann Limited (Licensee)

IP Owner:

  • 5stargreen Building Technology Trust (Licensor)
  • Activities undertaken by Haussmann Limited are intended to be of benefit to the world environment through provision of shelter for mankind, to be achieved by the establishment of Haussmann M3 Building Systems Manufacturing Plants globally to enable industrial mass production facilities of affordable housing – residential and emergency housing.
  • Creating large numbers of new and meaningful jobs: 2500 permanent Jobs per Plant, 1400 jobs during construction for a period of up to 18 months and indirect employment of up to 25,000 people per plant.
  • Solving the crisis of affordable housing and emergency housing, through production of 70,000 residential dwellings p.a. per plant and 100,000 emergency housing dwellings p.a. per plant.
  • Manufacturing sustainable housing/shelter products which can be 100% reprocessed.
  • Eliminating Co2 emission during construction on site, unlike present practices of hand crafted, boutique build homes.
  • Manufacturing of homes which are safe – fireproof – will not combust, vermin proof and cyclone proof.
  • Manufacturing – mass produced shelter at a substantially discounted price, bringing affordability of housing to hundreds of millions of people.
  • Using non-virgin materials as part of the raw materials stream, processing 750,000 tonnes per annum per plant and providing “zero solution” for mixed solid waste from industrial and commercial sources, diverting waste from landfill.
  • We intend to establish Haussmann Building Systems Plants in every country as there is a huge demand for housing everywhere in the world. Demand outstrips supply.
  • We will be donating 1000 homes per annum, per plant, for $1 dollar each (via in-house Lottery) to early investors. Our “social responsibility in giving back to society 1000 homes per annum, donated to Councils and Cities via a public lottery.
  • Giving back to our employees, we are introducing a 4-day working week, double required employees’ superannuation contributions, provide free health and hospital Insurance, provide annually large numbers up to 500 university scholarships and apprenticeships for young talented people.
  • By establishing Haussmann Manufacturing Plants, we are creating globally large, industrial manufacturing profit centres and at the same time creating community wealth and saving the environment through sustainable processes and products.
  • Our policy for supply of goods and services will create large supply contracts for goods and services for Australian suppliers through the Haussmann local supplier policy. (Procurement Policy).

IP & Know How

  • Composite Materials Technologies
  • Industrial Manufacturing and Processing Technologies
  • M3 Building Systems

Products / Markets – local (Australia) and global

M3 application engineered composite building systems
  • Residential Dwellings
  • Emergency Housing

Project Status

  • R&D & composite products formulations – completed (generic)
  • R&D & building systems manufacturing plant design – completed (generic)
  • R&D & (site specific) (Australia) to commence – Site specific Master plan by HML appointed Project Management Group
  • Commercialisation Stages (Australia) 1, – 4 Commercialisation Stages (Australia) to commence early 2022 over the next 24 months. 
  • Stage 1 – A.) Building Value – contracting with consulting planning and implementation organisations ensuring the success of commercialisation through the perfection of our products. B.) Building a Tribe: Creating “Believers”, People who “love us” love our product and trust us to deliver the solution and an outcome. “Believers” ranging from contracting consultants to future prospective customers for our products.
  • Stage 2 – Creating a repeatable and scalable Business Model (site specific – Australia). HML has created perfect products and a repeatable and scalable model, with ideal consumers, with right market segment, right pricing and functionality addressing buyer’s needs and meeting their expectations.
  • Stage 3 – Creating Product /Production implementation structure (site specific) – rewriting the rules, trend market leader position, product creation many people can benefit from, creating “natural market” growth –providing the answer to a crisis – affordable housing/shelter. Procurement for the supply of goods and services for the establishment of Haussmann’s first Plant, Procurement for the supply of goods and services for the production of Haussmann’s first Plant at Bromelton (SDA)
  • Stage 4 – Revenue Creation – Pre – Sale of Products – residential dwellings and emergency housing during the Bromelton, site specific Haussmann Plant planning and establishment period. Creating with our advanced product a traction in the marketplace and generation forward – pre sales orders.

you now can buy a home, like you can buy a car…

What Henry Ford did for the Motor Car –

Creating affordable Mobility

creating mass production of the motor car, providing mobility and giving mankind freedom of movement.

Haussmann will achieve, for housing –

Creating affordable Shelter

creating new materials, making it possible to establish industrial mass production of affordable housing, providing quality affordable shelter.

Each Haussmann home is mass-produced, (unlike conventional homes) will be produced under controlled enclosed factory conditions. Just like any modern car, Haussmann home’s quality finished components are clicked together, when assembled. No other home provider can match the quality, price and overall finished product and inclusions, like Solar – Hydrogen power storage, providing each dwelling with independence of the electricity Grid and other design advantages. Haussmann Plant Products include:
  • Designed services and vendor first mortgage finance provisions available to every residential home purchaser through a low deposit home loan or first mortgage facility/vendor finance
  • Building approval and planning management applications for single dwelling with relevant councils for and behalf of the homeowner
  • Haussmann Home building/installation, from supply to build on-site to lock up stage, ready for the owner to move in
  • Delivered in containers are total panel numbers with all building systems fully manufactured including foundations, small, single dwelling sewerage plant, water tanks, the solar system including Hydrogen power storage (off-grid independent dwellings), all in-builds, aluminium doors and windows, kitchen and bathrooms
  • Containers are transported/shipped to the location and built to lock up stage by the Haussmann team.
All Haussmann homes sold, via the first mortgage in house finance, are fully mortgage insured. Haussmann will create this in-house funding ability by issuing Haussmann’s first mortgage bonds offered at 3 % fixed with terms of up to 30 years.
Haussmann believes, the best way to predict the future is

Design It

Create It

Provide It

Measured, goals achieved - and to be achieved:

  • Generic R&D completed
  • Generic Pilot Plant production commissioned and full-size panel systems produced
  • Generic European standards approval achieved for non-structural panel systems
  • Generic manufacturing Plant design and costing achieved
  • New plant design, engineering gates connection designs achieved
  • In talks, via appointed Project Management Group, with selected Contracting consulting firms to engage to prepare site-specific Plant Blueprints and Master Plan for Bromelton SDA
  • Coordinating Engineering Consultants ready to be engage to manage plant project establishment
  • Project Management Consulting Group nominated and appointed
  • Key team of advisors and consultants appointed and to being appointed in preparations to commercialize
  • Nominated first Plant Location production of Residential Dwellings – Bromelton (SDA), Queensland Australia
  • Preferred second Plant Location – Geelong Vic. Australia

3D Plant Slides

Click your way through a Haussmann Plant

Haussmann – An innovation pipeline

Click image to enlarge

Reference: Content 1

Bromelton Plant Infrastructure

Established & Establishment of the following Corporate Entities
Planning Timetable & Sequence
Funding Timetable & Sequence
Project Agreements Timetable & Sequence

Corporate Entity 12022

One off Pilot Production

to produce building systems to achieve Australian Standards Approvals for non-Structural building systems). This Investment is offered as a mitigated investment – a Property secured investment. AUD $3.8 million

a HML – mitigated, property secured Investment offerfor (Sophisticated Investor(s)

Plant Engineering Agreement 1. Planning, Preparations and production Management by Coordinating Engineering Agreement 1 2022

Corporate Entity 22022

Haussmann Waste Management & Transfer Station

The HML’s Waste Management Company Transfer Station, collects mixed solid waste from commercial and industrial sources in large waste bins, transported to HML transfer station, were the mixed solid waste content is compacted into 20 foot containers and then transported to HML’s Building Systems Manufacturing Plant at Bromelton for processing. Estimated establishment cost: AUD $40 million

HML – mitigated property and assets (machinery, equipment and improvements secured investment offerfor (Sophisticated Investor(s),

Project Management – Agreement 2. pre Planning preparations by Coordinating Engineering Agreement 2 – appointed Project Management Group 2022 – 2023

Corporate Entity 32022

20 Display homes “marketing tools” – to start pre-sales of single dwellings/residential homes – marketing programmes, when Display homes have been build. This Investment is offered as a mitigated investment, a Property secured investment AUD $26 million

a HML – mitigated, property and improvements secured investment offerfor (Sophisticated Investor(s).

Build by Haussmann – Builder’s Lic. 182320CAssembly and installations Division: Contract 1 2022

Corporate Entity 42022

Incorporation of SPV 1 – Special Purpose Vehicle – Bromelton (SDA) Plant infrastructure preparation and plant establishment management entity Investment preparations costs # AUD $75 million HML to appoint SPV Management Team. (Commercial Manager – nominated to manage SPV 1 Team). 2021 – 2022

Funding Raised via Crowd Funding – initial Australian funding program AUD $ 5 million funding program for Retail Investors, minimum Investment per Investor: $10 K, maximum investment $20 K. 2022/2023

IPO (initial Public Offering) Haussmann Limited Listing on NSX – Listing and fund raising Programs: AUD $ 5 million 2022

Funding Programs via Equity Crowd Funding Platforms (Global Programs) 2022-2023

Major Accounting Firm (initial discussions with PWC to prepare HML Project funding Submission to Qld. State Development. (on completion of Bromelton HML Plant infrastructure Master Plan). HML convertible Bond issue preparations. 2022

Independent Project Auditor Via SPV 1 – Appointment 2022

Commercial Manager Via SPV – Appointment – nominated to manage SPV 1 Team. 2022 – 2023

Project Management Group Via SPV 1 – Appointment to prepare Master Plan for Bromelton Plant infrastructure establishment – Project Management Agreement 1. 2022 -2023
Project Management Group to prepare Plant infrastructure design – planning approval processes for the establishment of HML Plant at Bromelton. Project Management Agreement 3 2022 – 2023

Coordinating Engineers appointed. Task 1: Identify 3 Plant Engineering Groups, capable to provide blueprint for all engineered Plant production reference: HML Generic Plant design sections, Building 1 and Building 2, identify suitable suppliers for machinery and Equipment

Civil Engineering and Construction Via SPV 1 – Project Management Group / Procurement Group –HML M3 Building Systems Manufacturing Plant – Bromelton (SDA) Infrastructure Project Management Agreement 4 2022 -2023

Plant Engineering Group Via SPV 1 – Appointment (Germany) to prepare and complete Plant Blueprint – Plant Engineering Agreement 2 2022

Procurement Group Via SPV 1 – Appointment – Multi-pronged Procurement Programs – supply of goods and services for: A: Plant establishment, B: Plant Production 2022

Haussmann – Builder’s Licence 182320C – Via SPV 1 – Appointment – HML Home assembly and installations Division – 2022 -2023

HML – SPV 1 Project Management

Licensed – Consulting Contractors

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Reference: Content 2

We produce essential materials responsibly

At this stage, we propose to own and operate each and every Haussmann Plant, wherever put into production, including the ongoing research and service facilities.

Working with and through others

Centralised technical knowledge and experience enables growth and innovation with and through Haussmann’s specialist plant establishment/project management and product groups, suppliers of goods and services and government agencies to effectively deliver portfolio growth, maintain and drive innovative solutions to meet operational and business challenges, replicate best practice, and provide support for quality decision-making.

Click image to enlarge

We partner for human progress

Where possible, we will partner with other industry leaders in developing and manufacturing new products that are enabling a new generation of affordable, sustainable precision engineered housing.

We will work with NGOs worldwide to address mankind’s most fundamental challenges: how to provide quality affordable shelter everybody can afford through Haussmann Global Shelter leasing programmes.

We propose to also partner with the communities in which we operate, sharing the wealth and benefits of what we do with local people, through a large number of home donations, creation of meaningful and plentiful employment, skills and education. Sourcing supply of local goods and services will create substantial local economic development initiatives that aim and contribute to the creation of self-sustaining communities.

Giving back to society

Haussmann 360º social responsibility

Annual Donations from each Haussmann Plant: (when in full production)

$ 750 million to Australian society

HML policy, to “give back to the community” and our Shareholders” and help those in need in the community, who cannot help themselves. HML and the building technology trust, (BTT) have entered into a global plant housing donations commitment program.

Refererence: Content 3

Our Price Advantages Being Achieved

Our company stands apart from so called rival firms because of the following facts:

  • Our company in its market place has no competitors or rivals.
  • Lowered housing prices by up to 50%, gains substantial market price advantages
  • Product differentiation, improved product assembly and building features, implementation innovations and novel, highly profitable manufacturing processes producing new type of building products and total housing systems.
  • Using industrial mass manufacturing processes, innovations in product formulations, manufacturing processes in the products itself, instead of the one-off, handcrafted, boutique production of houses used by rivals which are not competitive in price, quality and quantity.
  • Creatively using channels of supply of goods and services and distribution. Creating close relationships, strategic partnerships with suppliers of goods and services through allocations of long-term contractual arrangements, such as up to 22 year contracts to supply. We believe, such special “interconnections” enabling our company to meet its high-quality product standards, exceptional finished product specifications, price and most important, an overall control and guarantee of supply.

Investor Information

Quick overview and summary – Product outline
Residential Dwellings
Total costs of Goods and Services

Size and dollar value of average HML residential home sold

  • *288 square meters, (Floor Plan Size: 12 m x 20 m.) AUD $ 350,000.00

Cost of production per home, including, build on site, handed over to owner ready to move in – complete lock up stage:

  • Total Home establishment cost including *cost of goods and services # AUD $ 212,500.00 per Home.
  • *Meaning: Cost to manufacture, transport to site and build on site to lock up stage, a standard HML residential dwelling.  HML (cost of goods sold ) includes: marketing – design and building to individual council imposed regulations, containerisation and shipping costs.
  • HML M3 building systems /structures, coated-decorative surface finished, including all services, plumbing/hydraulics fresh & grey water – electrical  and intelligent wiring systems, air conditioning, hot water, solar systems, hydrogen power storage/off grid supply of electricity, site preparation costs including landscaping, build/assembly costs, all in-builds, doors and windows, kitchen appliances, bathrooms fit outs, Blinds, Curtains, Window tinting. 
*Calculations: (Projections)
  • HML average home sales price – single residential dwelling:     AUD $350,000.00    
  • Cost of goods and services per home – to Haussmann –  Key handed over to owner to move in:  #     AUD $212,500.00    
  • Haussmann Plant net profit per home sold –     AUD $ 137,500.00 (pre-tax)    
  • Payment of tax per home – tax rate:     38% = AUD $ 52,250.00    
  • Net profit after tax –     AUD $85,250.00    
  • Net profit –     10,000 homes # AUD $852,500,000.00    
  • Net profit  – 70,000 homes production     p.a. x AUD $85,250.00 per home = *** $5.967 billion net profit per plant p.a.    
  • Full production T.O. –     70,000 homes p.a. T.O. = AUD $14.9 billion   

At this stage, we can only estimate the mix of sizes of homes being sold by the HML manufacturing plant’s marketing team. The number of large, medium, and small homes are going to be sold based on a 10,000 or 70,000 home production volume per annum. We are projecting an annual plant net average estimated profit in Euro of $350M per annum, which is an ultra-conservative projection of actual net profit attainable. Based on such lower-end net profit projections, 276.316,100 million, our projected return on Investment to investors is ultra-conservative.

Excluded cost: first mortgage/vendor finance of each home and or land by Haussmann. ** = AUD $ 2 dollar deposit and processing fees estimated $ 2,000.00 (including legal fees and first mortgage documents.)

Estimated net profit of AUD $5.267 billion. (Figure quoted, does include the already deduction of HML 2,000 homes donated (cost total $700 million) per annum.

Haussmann University Scholarships and Apprentices per annum donated at a cost to Haussmann of $ 250 million per annum per plant. (Home price quoted, excludes cost of Land area).

Click image to enlarge

Reference: Content 4

Home Establishment – Within 14 – 28 Days

PROBLEM: Current building “industry technologies” for boutique, hand crafted,  wet build, boutique, one-off building methods are outdated and fail humanity, and can not compete with the revolutionary potential and market and product advantages of composites.

Although engineering sophistication and the total annual value of the global market is increasing, it is still unsophisticated in terms of the variety of building materials used. Approximately 90% of all residential single-story, townhouses and apartment buildings are built from brick. The most common building materials are cement, brick, and drywall (gypsum). The market is also highly concentrated with only one or two major players in each market holding the majority share.

All single dwellings and commercial buildings are built as “one-off” designs and wet build constructions, built by “boutique” builders.

Building materials availability, costs and pricing, designs, combinations of materials and applications are only available in limited numbers by “local suppliers”, are dictated and regulated by local building materials producers, including a long line of wholesalers, retailers and distributors and sold to the end-user, being a builder and/or owner builder.

To achieve a quality building and approved construction, using a specified existing range of building products, a professional builder must be engaged to achieve a quality, wet build structure. In rare cases, owner builders achieve quality buildings, aided by architect and friendly tradespeople, including friends and family.

FACTS 1, 2 & 3
The “accumulated” chain of building materials supply participants, create an inflated summary and cost for building and construction materials. Professional labour (builders) are calculated at an unpredictable timeframe, incurring substantial cost overruns for the establishment of single dwellings (homes), and/or commercial and industrial buildings.

As indicated by HML, traditional raw construction materials such as bricks, cement and gypsum are increasingly expensive, require post installation processing and are not environmentally sustainable. The HML dry build, engineered home/dwelling is an application engineered, modern, industrially mass produced, high quality finished dry build product, installed within weeks on site, ready to move in.

Home Establishment – Within 14 – 28 Days

Haussmann design, on site build and funding services:

  • Building approval and planning management application for single dwelling with relevant council, for and behalf of the homeowner.
  • Supply and build on-site: Build to lock up stage by the Haussmann team, ready for the owner to move in.
  • At the time of owner moving in, a Haussmann home will double in value to adjust to same size, same quality homes. On the average sized home, the owner will have made a profit/capital gain by 100%, adjusting to real market value of the dwelling on location.
  • Near no deposit, vendor first mortgage funding for any dwelling purchased, which can include land area (building block), on condition the purchaser can service a fixed 5% loan facility for the agreed term of the loan.
  • All home loans are secured through default by the owner and will provide the owner(s) with a period of up to 12 months to meet his or her commitments for loan repayments. Haussmann does not move people on the street, when they default on their housing loan, like so many others do!


  • Low switching costs do not apply either, as there is no other party to switch to! (customer product switch from one product to another.)
  • We enjoy a high level of product differentiation which is associated with low level or no level of rivalry.
  • Our company has a unique strategic stake and an exclusive market position with huge and real market potential for great and substantial financial gains.
  • Our company has successfully completed the normally high entry barrier of R&D leading now to commercialisation of the product which forms the basis of our business. Having developed advanced building  materials, technology, processes and designs we are entering the second stage of commercialisation by seeking to go public, with the intention of funding our first profit centre – the HML Bromelton manufacturing infrastructure plant at an estimated cost between AUD $750  – $850 million.
  • The strategy is to contract a design, build and operate plant contractor under license, for the establishment of our first plant, with consulting contractors providing AAA warranties and guarantees for production input, quality of product and quantity output. Appointed Plant Engineering Group.
  • Our company, when implementing and commissioning its first manufacturing plant in Australia, the United States and or in Europe, will shake up the building industry and at the same time, will enhance housing affordability and will provide, for the first time in history, large housing volume increases providing and making available housing to respond to the huge demand for affordable housing.
  • Our company, implementing the building and production of our building materials and housing systems plant will change the definition of what constitutes the housing “market” nationally.
  • We define our range of products as a range of new products, replacing the existing range of products. Usually substitute products affect price elasticity and as more substitutes become available, customers will have more alternatives. Our company is also expecting to substantially increase its market share within the medium to upper level market of housing.
  • The introduction of our new technologies and substitute product range will have a substantial market and industry impact like never experienced before, delivering multiple national and international benefits to the European, US and Australian community. As a new industry, being a clean industry, we tick all the boxes – jobs, affordable housing, environmental sustainability – and in addition create a new export industry, with huge exports of emergency housing at 100,000 units per annum to worldwide institutional clients and governments.
  • Our company will create a market, but not like the usual market – presently being a market monopoly, a market where there are many suppliers and one” type” of buyer. We are creating the opposite, creating a market monopoly, our company being the only supplier, because of advantages achieved via R&D, clearly enjoying unlimited numbers of buyers.
  • Our manufacturing industry requires virgin raw materials and other “raw materials” and a range of finished products, external supplies, goods and services to enable our organisation to offer a complete range of products, – total housing systems, delivered housing to client site and completed to lock up stage at any location nationwide.
  • Our manufacturer/supplier relationship strategy and model is unique, which will make our company a major beneficiary of suppliers profit centres, as all suppliers to our plant will be contracted, condition to equity acquisition rights, which must be offered as part of the supply agreement by the supplier to our company. Plant supply contracts are large in number. Annual supplies, for example, for kitchens, bathrooms, doors, and windows, in builds etc. for 70,000 homes, will be supply guaranteed for the term of 22 years.
  • Long term forward orders, as contracted by our company, are usually not available in commerce and industry, together with the commercial advantage and contract combination were the buyer becomes a part owner of the supplier’s business, and the supplier becomes part owner of the buyer’s business.
  • Usually profits levels and large competition compared to our unique industry characteristics are barriers to entry into a market and inhibit rivals from entering the market.
  • Our company will be enjoying an exclusivity, based on its advanced technologies entry
    This also establishes a further barrier for future “could be’s and would be’s“ trying to compete.
  • Due to substantial newly created employment by affordable housing production, and a substantially cost reduced finished product – new, quality affordable homes – we are confident, based on previous talks with government, that relevant governments will be granting exemptions relating to regulations on monopolies based on huge community benefits and in consideration of our unique market position and in reality, having no competitors.
  • It is well known that ideas and knowledge, patents and proprietary knowledge, R&D and ongoing R&D, undertaken by a company, serves to restrict entry into an industry and provides competitive advantages.
  • Asset specificity inhibits entry into an industry and is a barrier to competitors, as the company’s asset specificity is the extent to which the company’s asset will be utilised to produce our “different range” of products.
  • The company’s manufacturing plant organisational economics of scale, with a most cost-efficient level of production and minimum efficient scale is the point at which unit costs for production are at minimum. This being the most cost-efficient level of production. The company enjoys further indirect protection as such economies of scale create a further barrier of entry for competitors.
  • The greater the difference between industry MES (minimum efficient scale) and entry unit cost, the greater the barrier to entry. We believe, despite our unique position in the marketplace that the dynamic nature of industry rivalry, nature and fascination of business is not static.
  • Industry is usually not changed by the big 3 or the big 5, or by their dominance, but by the edge of new technology, in our case, producing new building materials, which opens up a totally new way of building a dwelling/house. Dynamism of markets are driven by innovation.
  • Our Strategy is formulated at 3 levels – corporate level – (cost leadership) manufacturing business unit level – evolution of industry structure – (differentiation) manufacturing functional or department level – (focus).
  • As part of HML’s “going public strategy”, HML will be able to use shares/stock of its public companies as currency. This will come into play when HML seeks to attract quality executives or reward loyal employees by giving them stock options. This added incentive provides them with a vested interest in the company’s ongoing growth and success. HML intends also to use stock/equity held in each plant as currency to perform mergers and acquisitions of synergistic businesses, suppliers for goods and services for each plant operation. HLM as a publicly listed company will give investors an exit strategy and provide institutional investors an entry to invest in HML profit centres. Investors’ ability to buy and sell stock gives added confidence to invest in HML public companies.

Reference: Content 5

From Laboratory to Full Size Pilot Plant
A manual – one off – full size
Building Systems Production

The Haussmann Precision engineered dry build M3 Building System

BTT via cooperation agreement, together with its R&D European partners, and consulting leading coordination Engineers, major European engineering firms, specialising in “Anlagenbau”, (Plant Engineering) developed the design and building specifications for manufacturing plants to produce application, precision engineered, composite, non-structural building systems, which, when connected, become structural. Haussmann housing systems manufacturing plant design, when established and in production will produce large numbers of sustainable, affordable quality and emergency housing.

Pilot Plant Productions

Our Pilot Plant Composite Panel, full size Panel Production. Panels from this production were sent to independent testing institutions to achieve European building panel standards approvals. Haussmann Panel/housing systems can be used as structural and or non-structural panel/housing systems
Play Video
Some of our processed, intermingled raw materials

Successful pilot plant production was conducted in Germany, from which demonstration buildings (e.g. schools, medical clinic, homes) have been constructed in South Africa. In relation to this technology, DBE office in Mainz, Germany, have been involved in supervising the production of panels at the test pilot operation undertaken in Germany. Such tests also involved personnel from EK Stuttgart. These tests successfully produced building panels which were used as the test case in the construction of various dwellings and structures.

A fully operational Haussmann plant is expected to have an optimal processing capacity between 200,000 kilotons and 750,000 kilotons of waste per annum corresponding to an output between 3.7 million, 11.4 – 21 million square meters of housing panel systems annually. The 750-kiloton plant will produce an estimated 70,000 single dwelling homes, (average size: 288 m2) per annum.

Plant capital infrastructure constructions – establishment costs are estimated to be as high as *AUD 850 million, (12-14 panel processing lines). Additional capital will be sought within 18 months after operation commences in order to expand the first plant’s fully automated footprint production design, beyond the first lines (minimum automated footprint to full production). *AUD 750-$850 million plant infrastructure cost includes a 650 MW Gas/ Hydrogen Power Plant to power all processes in Building 1 and 2 of proposed Bromelton (SDA) Haussmann Plant infrastructure.

Our manufacturing facilities and business is being established within the lucrative global market sectors of construction of residential housing, emergency housing using intermingled raw materials – processing mixed solid waste processing, which are experiencing significant and sustained massive global growth. The global construction market by 2020 will have a total market capitalization of USD $10.3 Trillion, according to McGraw-Hill. Global waste industry revenues exceed 500 billion per annum. Haussmann can capture a main share of this market globally, depending on funding and number of plant establishments in Australia and other countries.

It is expected that each factory will provide employment for up to 2500 people directly and a further 25,000 indirectly, (*products, goods & services providers to each Haussmann manufacturing plant, marketing, and distributions.) (Building 1 and Building 2)

Our Plant System is the only system known that is able to process mixed solid waste (at “0” solution) in a clean and efficient manner and can use such materials as part of our raw material stream. Each plant profit centre and its in-house marketing and finance profit centre will be responsible for creating substantial wealth within the catchment area of the established Haussmann M3 Building systems manufacturing infrastructure.

The Haussmann Industrial Plant System has been engineered to be highly efficient, applying automated production robotics, maximising revenue, derived from “retail sales” and a large industrial manufacturing output. The Haussmann type of investment is also likely to spur government subsidies, special loan facilities, grants, and other favourable tax concessions for Haussmann investors and business partners globally.

Haussmann M3 Building Systems Manufacturing Plant

New materials change our lives!

M3 Building Systems Manufacturing Plant building 1

  • Accepting and processing mixed solid waste into categorised raw materials, stored in large single unit type silos, then mixed and blended together with virgin materials, fed into large industrial mixers, and then fed into Haussmann proprietary extruders.
  • Extruding M3 Building Systems, panel applications, by shape and size, precision-engineered for floors, walls, divisional walls, sealing and roof panel applications. Minimum 12 -14 Extruders producing shapes and forms which are further processed:
  • Radio frequency Drying processes and further robotic – precision-engineered, precisely shaping each panel to its applications and  “location fit shape”, and finally surface finishing each panel and applying a number of coatings, as per customer design and order specifications – the final process is the assembled Inserts of all hydraulics, air conditioning ducts, and electronic wirings into specifically designated panels only.
  • Interim short storage dispatch area “customer order” assembly area containing “all parts” coated and finished panels for each 288 m2 home building system ready for loading by materials handling robots into containers,  together with all other items which have been produced in Building 2, Doors, Windows, Bathrooms, Kitchens, etc.
  • Fully assembled, all outgoing, 20-foot containers will be railed/stored for dispatch in (outgoing) container hardstand area.

Reference: Content 6

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This is how a Haussmann home is being built

Single post Footings or Screw Foundations snap inter locking with Steel floor Grid (series of squares)
1.20 meters x 1.20 meters square each
Single Footings Size :
Length per post – 1.50 meters.
GPS drilled Hole: 0.50 x 0.50 x 0.50 meters square.
Steel Square Dimension: 1.20 meters x 1.20 meters.
4 single footings per 1.20 meters square.
Footing Posts are snap Interlocking with Stainless Steel Grid Squares
Steel footings produced in HML Factory, with attached special concrete footing support

This single dwelling, a generic HML country standard minimum size modular design provides a minimum size dwelling footprint which can be expanded to any size or floor plan into any direction, into any size vertical and horizontal single dwelling room and or space dimension, either connected on one floor plan, or interconnected to a multiple range of floor plans and buildings.

This single dwelling design is also ideally suited to create economical commercial, quick dry build, high standard designed spaces, which may also require short term periodical re-establishment, and or frequent re-location without the need for ground preparations. The design is based on single steel footings, and/or screw piling foundations and can be disassembled and reassembled at minimal cost and time.

The HML single dwelling is designed to withstand cyclones. The “two use” specifically designed roof veranda overhanging shade panel systems can be moved parallel to external walls and windows to provide total protections from high wind speeds (fold down, closed shutters concept). In-build bathroom, toilet and kitchen are part of the dwelling’s features which makes this building, when “clicked together” ready to move in.

If so designed, quick folding shade panels, in case of high winds, can be closed and locked down within minutes and will protect the dwelling’s structure, doors and windows either during the home owner’s absence, (being an added security benefit), and/or to provide protection from high winds and cyclones, (special design offer by Haussmann, when requested by the home owner, special purchase conditions apply).

HML light weight folding shade panels are also coated with transparent solar film and will be feeding energy into an in-house solar power bank and Hydrogen storage. (Goal Zero achieved – no more connections to electrical grid required).

HML buildings High Fire ratings have been developed to National Fire Codes and standards/ ratings. HML buildings systems will not combust but will crumble under hours of consistent application of an open large surface applied flame. In Australia, every year, fires drive thousands out of their homes. In 2015, 365,000 home fires where reported, caused 2650 civilian deaths, 11,077 injuries and destroyed property to the value of AUD $7 billion, this will not happen with HML housing systems as they do not combust!

HML Composite materials panel and housing systems are vermin proof and do not need to be treated with dangerous chemicals. (Statistics: One in 3 homes, within 5 years will be attacked by termites, rats, and cockroaches).

HML single generic dwelling and client design will be 50% cheaper, compared to any other quality designed dwelling. HML installation can be assembled by any client to lock up stage, within 14  days or less, depending on size of dwelling and weather conditions

HML application engineered housing panel systems consist of the following size panels: 1.2m x 1.2m x 0.20m, 1.2m x 2.4m x 0.15m, 1.2m x 3.6m x 0.10m, 1.2m x 4.8m x 0.05m. 1.2m x 6.0m x 200mm. Panel diameters are interchangeable with each panel length and width, as all applications are engineered to “application design maximum mix and formulation.” (In principal, the HML single dwelling and housing systems are lighter, stronger, and easier to install and do not require a builder, wet trades, electrician, plumber, carpenter or bricklayer or any professional installers. (Haussmann team installations only).

Based on global housing/shelter demand, Haussmann business has unlimited demand and no direct competitors, due to advantages in price, quality, and product quantity availability. See below floor plan of a Haussmann pilot plant, with a minimum automated footprint designed to produce 10,000 homes per annum. We are proceeding with a full-size plant establishment planning, being the first stage of a plant establishment with minimum automated footprint.

Haussmann Limited is an Australian unlisted private Limited Company, with the objective of establishing advanced, affordable housing systems manufacturing plants.

From HML Manufacturing Plant to…

New State of the Art,
sustainable, affordable homes…
you design it… we manufacture it

and… we will build it to lock up stage,
ready for you to move in!

(BTT) 5stargreen R&D

1632 Original Stakeholders / investors made a risky investment, to date, exceeding $ 25 million, which enabled us to create new composite materials and the best precision engineered industrially manufactured Building Systems and manufacturing processes in housing.

(BTT) 5stargreen -Tech/Scientific and Engineering Consultants
Cash value and specialist services contributors & project sponsors

During many years of systems and technology development and in the initial stages of R&D, the project owners engaged specialist advisers, in engineering, chemistry and other science disciplines, (corporations and individuals) (consultants), machinery and equipment manufacturers, production and logistics experts, engineers, architects, designers, analysts and financial advisers. Summary List of Contractors are regulated and protected by individual Non-disclosure Agreements (NDA). Full disclosure of such information can only be provided to requesting party and or parties once the requesting party has executed a Haussmann NDA in this matter and request or information. The requesting party must disclose full identification and provide reason for the disclosure request, by sending such request to:  The Company reserves the right to decline such request for disclosure.

In acknowledgment, recognition and as a matter of transparency, we have listed all project cash and service contributors, consultants, contractors, advisers, providers of goods, machinery and equipment and services. R&D contribution entities and individuals have either received cash payments or value holding entitlements in form of options and value entitlements. The greater R& D majority group of contributors, the consortium, are represented individually and or with their holding companies, and are recorded as beneficiaries and stakeholders in the building technology trust.

Pervious BTT cooperation agreements, during the R&D period (disclosed below): Independent Project Auditors and Coordinating Engineers, Extrusion Technology providers, Coating Technology providers, Main Contractor, Civil engineering and Construction Contractor, Operational systems Contractor, Gas, Electricity, Water & Waste Water Treatment (G. Management Group), Milling and Transport technology and equipment providers, Waste Materials separation and Feedstock technologies equipment providers, Transport, Storage and Dosing Technologies and equipment providers, mixing technologies and equipment provider, robotic calibration and machining technology and equipment providers, core drying radio frequency and coating process technologies and equipment provider, packaging and dispatch equipment and technologies provider, virgin raw materials suppliers, mixed solid waste milled raw materials suppliers, special additives and technology suppliers, laboratory and product testing technology systems suppliers, plant operations and management company, product and housing technology systems providers, architects and draftsmen, product marketing contractors and single dwellings systems implementation establishment experts.

Reference: Content 7

Our Business

Global M3 Building Systems Manufacturing Plants

Haussmann Limited seeks to become a global leader of the world’s largest market, the industrial, large scale production of single dwellings, quality shelter,  state of the art precision engineered, affordable housing and emergency housing. Our industry leadership includes our benchmark composite materials and industrial processing technology, unique carbon processing raw materials use, including in house facilitating novel marketing, product price advantages and client funding which are the key strengths of our global business.

Haussmann will employ up to 2500 people at each plant when in operation and will employ up to 1200 people during each plant’s construction period and up to 25,000 people indirectly per plant. Our multi-discipline, talented work force uses industry leading processes, robotics and materials handling technologies to make our operations safe, low cost, efficient and highly profitable.

Intermingled raw materials (mixed solid waste) is processed as part of the overall raw materials input.

The Haussmann Limited organisation includes a diverse portfolio of high quality supply, goods and services group, forming part of each plant’s supply stream to provide all Haussmann homes sold with all fit outs, kitchens, bathrooms, doors and windows, which in turn enables Haussmann’s marketing and home establishment team to provide modern, state of the art, precision, application engineered homes built by Haussmann’s teams within weeks to lock up stage, for each owner ready to move in.

Industrial Production of Affordable Housing

Haussmann manufacturing plants will be well positioned globally to benefit from the huge demand for affordable housing and emergency housing. Haussmann plant marketing organisations will provide strong customer relationships and support by technical and commercial marketing expertise, not only contracting and delivering precision engineered homes, but removing impediments of funding and approval processes as part of a Haussmann home purchase arrangement. Haussmann intends to expand its operations globally to epic proportions, introducing next generation technologies and improving overall safety and environmental performance.

Haussmann a “Game Changer” – a  “Unicorn” in the making.

Industrial Production of Emergency Housing

Haussmann emergency housing – we call it – Anywhere Now Shelter

Emergency housing will be transferred by leasing agreement to Global Aid Agencies and Governments, prepared to purchase by lease agreement.

Anywhere-Now-Shelter-intelligent-responsible-responsive-permanent-designed-ingenious-flat-pack-easy-assembly—includes kitchen-&-bathroom-facility-all-containerised-delivered-globally-on-demand-best-designed-cheapest-shelter-ever.


Anywhere-Now-Shelter-universal-wall-floor-roof-divisional-panels-fully coated, full-insulation-quality-shelter-hot-cold-climate protection-design-in building-panel-energy- power generation-in-build-fresh-&-waste-water-treatment-low-cost-solution- Shelter-residence-can-complete-themselves. Shelter-design-only-requires-road-water-drainage-infrastructure.

Anywhere-Now-Shelter-designed-for-quick-response-demand-war-refugee-conflict-areas-natureal-desaster-areas or simply quality shelter for the homeless-world-wide-Governments-should-stop-thinking-about-temporay-places-and-instead-see-them-as-future-cities. –We-have-now-designed-shelter-for-government-to-rethink-as-we-now-can-provide in large quantities, pre ordered -quality shelter to government and (professional)-charity.

Anywhere-Now-Shelter-supplied by client demand to worldwide refugee agencies, regional and national government agencies globally-humanitarian global-value-product.


Anywhere-Now-Shelter-factory-annual-estimated–production-up-to-100,000-shelters– 8 x 4-meters and or 12 x 4 meters, single-dwelling–any-size-possible-just-add-on-to-create-comunal-space-schools-hospitals-storage-large-meeting-rooms-quick–assemble-&-disassemble.

Global population growth, natural disasters wars, and the constantly increasing economic development of countries such as China and India equate to more waste generation and the need for construction of energy efficient, low cost housing, (particularly as populations urbanise).

This point can only benefit Haussmann in the future. Another factor promoting the growth of the company is through the increasing number of individuals, groups and companies that believe in the future of “green” (environmentally sustainable) and socially beneficial technologies.

Haussmann will appeal to these parties with its developed system to aid and alleviate two major global problems: chronic housing shortages and waste disposal. The Haussmann building systems factors will appeal to the building materials market, which has been seeking a suitable low-cost product to replace the increasingly expensive and environmentally unsustainable building materials currently in use.

Haussmann housing and panel systems and materials are the only range of products able to meet the demand.

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Emergency Housing Animation and Floor Plan


Smart Manufacturing - precision engineered Buildings

Haussmann is operating with a pioneering spirit, introducing smart manufacturing, proposing mass production of shelter, by industrial means, producing precision engineered buildings.

Haussmann will change the building of shelter methods globally, (from present, customer only choice, having a one off boutique build home, built under the sky, on site by “clunky” construction methods), to precision engineered building systems, produced by Haussmann M3industries, produced in a controlled environment. Haussmann manufacturing plant, by industrial methods, will be a global game changer and will provide a new choice in home acquisition and a superior product, second to none.

We are responding to the evolving expectations of our stakeholders and the public, who rightly hold us to ever-higher standards around our business practices and shifting global demand for shelter as well as issues such as climate change and resource scarcity. Our exciting breakthroughs in science and technology will continually expand the boundaries of the possible. All companies must adapt to these challenges to survive and thrive – but our ambition reaches much further creating a win: win for all participants. We developed more productive, better ways to extract raw materials from sources never before used to produce an end product Haussmann can produce by industrial means and at the same time providing a return of investment of 8.24 times and reducing environmental impacts.

That is why we are pioneering the use of industrial automation and robotics in manufacturing operating manufacturing facilities establishing the world’s first fully autonomous, independent shelter manufacturing systems. Clearly the Haussmann manufacturing systems are a win: win for all concerned.

We do not enhance existing products and building methods, we make them obsolete, by creating new ones, to meet the huge local and global demand and ever-growing demand for quality shelter, essential to human progress. This means developing new composite materials and new manufacturing processes, and new ways of funding and marketing our products, to supply the quantity and quality of shelter needed “10 years ago” and still not provided by conventional builders to date. We have innovated for success and doing good, providing shelter for mankind globally.

People and Partnerships

Putting people first, before profits. The two most important people in our world are our customers, who buy our products, and our workforce, people who work for us and make us successful and wealthy. (Wealth is the product of man’s ability to think).

Whatever changes in technology brings, our people will remain the heart of our business – their wellbeing and safety will always be our primary concern. This commitment to wellbeing of our workers is fundamental to how we operate and to our success. Our company’s Manifesto will change and enhance labour laws and workers remuneration, introducing a 4-day working week, double superannuation contributions for each worker, provision of free health and hospital insurance and educational cost contribution for our workers’ children. We have implemented development of technologies and processes that protect our workers from harm.

Customers play an important role in driving innovation. They expect us to manage the impacts from our supply chain and provide assurance that our manufacturing processes are working responsibly.

Innovation is often about boosting productivity. But it’s also about finding a smarter way of doing things, reviewing and refining our processes, and replicating the things that work, producing a product the customer will not be able to purchase from any other manufacturer, to a price and quality second to none.

Transforming the future through innovation is not a goal in itself: it is the path to creating shared values and benefits. By innovating, we can improve productivity for a global market, while promoting long-term sustainability and providing huge social and environmental benefits. We can lead and foster a culture focused on continuous improvement and operational excellence. And we can lead the way in connecting waste, recovered and extracted from virgin raw materials through manufacturing technologies, automated systems and robotics and data analysis, to transform the future of affordable, state of the art housing for everybody.

Sales and Marketing

Haussmann will be selling and marketing high-quality products within a plant’s catchment area, Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea and the Pacific Islands – sustainable, precision engineered to application, affordable, state of the art homes, sold to individuals and families, whilst Haussmann emergency housing products will be leased to global aid agencies and governments. Haussmann’s diverse portfolio allows us to respond throughout a countries’ economic development cycles, including infrastructure and transport, machinery and energy and specific consumer goods, making modern life more affordable and work more efficiently.

Haussmann’s marketing teams are a division of the plant operations to align resource management with product market needs and to make sure Haussmann plant production improves products and services in a way that at all times maximises value to customers. Initial residential home sales will be started and managed by Haussmann Limited Regional Office, prior to the start of plant production and in-house marketing organisation establishment. Pre-plant product sales marketing will be a Haussmann off balance sheet funded entity.

Reference: Content 8


Results and Reports

Present Status and forward-looking Statement: Haussmann Limited is an unlisted Australian Public Company. Each Plant corporate entity will become a listed entity in the country of the residing plant operations. (Local company) This is of importance to become or be a national company to qualify for government grants and special loan facilities, proper taxation remittance and creating large numbers of local jobs and supply contracts for goods and services as per Haussmann’s local supply policies. Haussmann’s first plant is to be built at Bromelton (SDA) Queensland Australia. Haussmann will engage an Australian based corporate adviser/merchant banker/stockbroker, to lead manage such proposed listing for each and every plant established in Australia. Haussmann intends to establish 5 plants in Australia over a period of up to 8 years. Significant affordable housing demand for proposed plants catchment areas in Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea, and the Pacific Islands is in excess of over 9 million potential home buyers.

Each plant region will have a production strategy incorporating volume ramp up and product ranges developed to consider local factors, including costs, market conditions and size trading in conjunction with the activities leading to the establishment of a plant, commissioning and ramp up of operations leading to the balance sheet estimates at the end of year 5, total assets, total liabilities = net assets, capital base and total shareholders funds.

A nominated Plant owner is each one of the nominated listed public companies by Haussmann Limited, to be listed on the Sydney ASX via NSX, Nasdaq and Berlin exchange. Convertible secured green and impact bonds will be issued by Haussmann Limited for each listed entity to raise funding for the establishment of each plant. (Convertible Bonds)

Haussmann has prepared the issue of a confidential private placement, which will offer the opportunity to subscribe to Haussmann guaranteed convertible secured bonds in early 2021. The memorandum contains a number of forward-looking statements about the projected activities and earnings of the Haussmann group of companies. These statements are made based on what the Company believes to be reasonable assumptions as to future demand and performance but without responsibility or liability for any difference between these projections. The convertible bond issuer will be Haussmann Limited and will be guaranteed by Haussmann Limited.

Haussmann is seeking to raise up to AUD $850M for the establishment of each plant through the issue of Euro denominated guaranteed convertible secured bonds divided into two Series – Series A Bonds and Series B Bonds. The Bonds of both Series (Bonds) are convertible into ordinary stock of Haussmann listed companies, such ordinary stock of the company being listed on the ASX via NSX on the Berlin, Nasdaq Stock Exchange. The Bonds will be credit enhanced through the purchase of AAA rated German, US, and Australian Government Bonds (AA Rated Collateral) held as security for annual coupon payments. Upon purchase of the AAA Rated Collateral, the Issuer will apply for credit ratings for the payment of principal and interest. If the credit rating for the payment of interest is less than P -1 /A1+(indicative) the coupon will be adjusted upwards on a sliding scale as set out in the Offer section of the memorandum. Haussmann properties will be located in countries with a AAA and AA+ rating and will have good access to the debt capital markets. The LTV on Series B bonds will be capped at 65%. The financing of the properties is provided by debt and equity with an expected return on the portfolio of up to 15% per annum.

Series A Bonds entitle the holder to receive a coupon of a minimum of 3% yield per annum payable semi-annually in advance. Series A Bonds issuances are secured over specific new manufacturing facilities being established by Haussmann in various countries. This particular Series A offering enables the establishment of Hausmann manufacturing plants in Australia, (Bromelton, Qld and Geelong, Victoria), and Germany, (Sassnitz and Selma), projected to be completed and operational within 2-year intervals. Proceeds from this particular Series A Bond 2021 are to be used to acquire the land and commence construction of the manufacturing facilities.

Series B Bonds entitle the holder to receive a coupon of a minimum YIELD of 3 % per annum, payable semi-annually in advance. The proceeds of the Series B Bonds will be used to fund land and property acquisitions that will form part of the property division of the Haussmann Group. Series B Bonds are secured by first ranking mortgages over a portfolio of high yielding quality assets, independently managed through an appointed experienced property development group.

The Board is of the view that Haussmann Limited should continue to enjoy sustained growth in its business worldwide, Haussmann’s core business is in “green technology” manufacturing, being the only company globally able to produce high volume building materials by processing clean recyclable materials that ordinarily goes to landfill. The current pipeline of manufacturing facilities being established will enable Haussmann in the future to annually process up to 2.5 million tons of recyclable material and deliver close to 210,000 affordable dwellings in these countries per annum.

The proposed plants in Bromelton, Geelong, Sassnitz, and Selma will enable Haussmann to enter solid Western and Asian economies, with a rapidly growing population that has high aspirations for home ownership. During 2021 – 2026, Haussmann will be making strategic large property acquisitions in Australia, Europe, the United States and in Australia and New Zealand where it will secure large DA approvals. These land acquisitions form the basis of the securities for the Series A and Series B Bonds. Haussmann will be able to report growth in its business and strong capital returns for shareholders, with preliminary profit results for 2019. Haussmann directors believe Haussmann stock will outperform any competitor based on funding programs being completed, substantially increasing its share values by its commercialisation actions, with minimum market cap. projections by 2025 and onwards of approximately €11.4billion plus and increasing.

Protecting and enhancing shareholders investment in Haussmann remains the Board’s focus. This commitment is underpinned by a policy that each real property asset supporting the Series A and Series B Bonds will have to meet strict conservative valuation criteria and deliver yields that are solid and enduring. The development of each plant will take up to 2 years and will generate a free cash flow of minimum 243 million each.

The terms of this Offer (in relation to each of Series A and B) present an investor opportunity – not only to invest in a property backed bond and earn an attractive yield – but also to share in the upside of Haussmann’s share price through the ability to convert the Bonds for shares in Haussmann Limited at a pre-agreed rate. It also offers a unique opportunity to contribute to the Company’s vision to establish itself as a world leader in the ethical and responsible development and application of green technologies. We commend this opportunity to investors when it is on offer by mid 2021.

Independent market research shows global demand for affordable, sophisticated; quality, modern housing and emergency housing demand is simply ginormous.

The establishment of Haussmann global manufacturing plants are required “yesterday” and is conservatively estimated to be in excess of minimum of 100 HML plants, to solve a huge global social problem of affordable, sophisticated, quality, and sustainable, shelter and housing.

Engineered sophisticated industrial space innovations and design creations by Haussmann will change the overall housing building and living space establishment methods. Haussmann homes are guaranteed, from the manufacturing plant to the client, from time of order, to be delivered to a specific guaranteed timeframe, to be delivered to a nominated site and build to lock up stage within weeks or less. (HM site completion quality and time agreement). Haussmann not only will provide its customers with a quality affordable modern home, but at the same time, on completion of any dwelling on site, will provide its customers an immediate substantial home market value increase of up to 50% compared to any other established dwelling.

Haussmann plant’s marketing organisation is providing 3D freedom of design solutions to all its customers, being part of HM marketing client services, to any HM customer, purchasing a new home.

Any Haussmann plant in production, will be contributing to the alleviation of massive global social pressures and demands for housing/shelter and emergency housing.

Haussmann Limited global plant establishment program will meet in part, a near unlimited global market demand, by building plant establishments in Australia, Europe, the United States and Asia, Europe = Sassnitz, State of Sachsen, Germany, in the United States = Selma, State of Alabama, and in Asia = Bromelton, Qld. and Geelong, the State of Victoria, Australia.

For Haussmann Limited to become a “global local”, and to meet plant funding lending criteria and transparency, Haussmann intends to list (by reverse merger) on the ASX, via NSX, Berlin, Nasdaq.

Plant funding in part, complying with “local” legislation, will be supported and underpinned by substantial individual state and federal grant programs, within a nominated plant location. Each Haussmann plant will be providing substantial employment and mass production of sophisticated, modern and affordable housing.

Any data, estimates and opinions expressed herein has been obtained from sources that we believe to be reliable and reflect our judgment. We do not guarantee its accuracy and such information may be incomplete or condensed and subject to change without notice. Neither the information nor any opinion expressed shall be construed as, or constitute to be, an offer to buy or sell securities, or any options futures or other derivatives related to such securities (“related investments”).

Reference: Content 9


Wherever Haussmann plants operate, it is strategically important that we have secure, sustainable and internationally competitive supply chains. Haussmann Procurement is set up to leverage the global buying power of each Haussmann plant. At the same time, we maintain the preference, the flexibility and agility necessary to support the needs of local individual product groups and business units, and the economic development of communities in which we operate. (Local Supply Policy).

Haussmann Supplier Portal

About Haussmann
By seeking a balance of global, national and local supply capability. We are able to work with our plant divisional businesses units to reduce their total cost of ownership for procured goods and services. We also deliver security of supply to their operations whilst helping to extend our licensed operation, (if applicable).

We are able to respond to the short and long-term needs of the business because we know it inside out. We will have people on the ground in all plant locations across continents, including increasing numbers in emerging economies.

We are committed to building relationships with our suppliers of goods and services to explore opportunities for continuous improvement and sustainable cost efficiencies. We are also committed to conducting multi-tier reviews of our vendor supply chains where potential risks exist if applicable. Haussmann Procurement programmes are a plant by plant strategy, on a journey to industrialise and automate where appropriate and to use robotic and materials handling technology to drive our efficiency while providing and retaining as many jobs as possible. We like to work with those who can help us make all of these things happen.

Doing Business with us

It is important to us that our suppliers for goods and services meet or exceed our minimum standards and performance expectations, share our values, and understand our commitments.

In accordance with our standard contractual provisions, Haussmann suppliers or potential suppliers are not permitted to use Haussmann’s name or logo or to make any public announcements or disclosures in relation to their dealings with Haussmann without the company’s prior written consent. Should approval be given for a public announcement or media release, the wording and manner of publication must also be approved in writing by Haussmann Limited. If you are an existing supplier seeking to reference Haussmann in a public announcement, prior to announcement, you must get in touch with Haussmann’s Procurement representative.

Our expectations
Haussmann’s commitment to acting responsibly plays a critical role in our success as a business. Our reputation stems from our four core values – accountability, respect, teamwork, and integrity – and we expect those we work with to share the same values.

Prior to starting work, suppliers are subject to our robust qualification process. This involves obtaining sufficient evidence to ensure vendors meet or exceed minimum standards in health, safety, the environment, human rights, quality management and financial capacity, as well as ethical and anti-corruption practices.

To enable us to have a secure, sustainable, and internationally competitive supply chain, prospective suppliers must reach a standard of compliance for health, safety, ethics, sustainability and the environment. We expect an equal commitment to health, safety ethics, sustainability, and the environment, from the businesses we work with. We value suppliers who:

      • Have the ability to work in close collaboration with local businesses and local communities
      • Manage and communicate product health and safety risks
      • Maintain a commitment to health and safety management and the elimination of workplace injuries and illness
      • Have a process for assuring compliance with safety policies, both internally and externally.
        From an environmental perspective we are extending our awareness and understanding of impacts further into the future, and bringing our responsibility for preventing or minimising those impacts back into the present. We take a strategic approach to driving improved environmental performance in these key areas:
          • Managing and protecting biodiversity and sustainability
          • Sustainable water management
          • Extreme Weather changes
          • Product stewardship
          • Integrated closure planning. We value suppliers who are reducing their, and our, environmental footprint through their practices and innovative products and services.

Sustainable development
Haussmann has made and will make significant contributions to sustainable development by making sure local communities have the opportunity to actively participate in the economic activity that results from our operations. We are committed to a sustainable supply chain with a focus on safety, economic prosperity, social wellbeing, environmental stewardship and strong governance. We encourage our suppliers to collaborate with us to achieve our sustainable development objectives though initiatives such as:

      • Skills transfer
      • Mentorship programmes
      • Business advisory services
        Find out more about our expectations of suppliers in Haussmann Principal Business Integrity, Bribery and Corruption Policy which is in accordance with The way we work and the Business Integrity Standard. Haussmann and its suppliers are not to commit, or become involved in, bribery or corruption of any form.
      • We do not buy business or favour, no matter where we operate, no matter what the situation is, no matter who is involved
      • We never offer, give, demand, or accept any financial or other favour to, or from, any person in order to secure business or any other advantage
      • We do not use or make payments to speed up routine administrative actions

Gifts and entertainment
Haussmann has a strict Business Integrity Standard which includes rules around the giving and receiving of gifts and entertainment. We expect suppliers to respect and adhere to these standards.

Human rights
We expect our suppliers to support and respect the human rights of their workers, consistent with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Our suppliers must uphold fundamental human rights including but not limited to:

      • Providing a safe working environment
      • Paying a better than fair wage
      • Equal treatment without distinction based on gender, race, age, religion
      • Freedom from forced labour including access to employee documentation
      • Speaking out about serious misconduct. Unethical, illegal or irresponsible acts can cause serious loss or harm to an organisation, its employees and its customers. That is why it is everyone’s responsibility to help prevent these activities and preserve our culture of integrity. If you see or suspect misconduct, report it immediately to a manager or your Haussmann contact. We respect the confidentiality of associates who report business conduct violations.

We award contracts via HML appointed Procurement Group by:

A.) appointment
B.) licensed contracts,
C.) Expressions of Interest – for all Supply of Goods and Services

1.) for the Establishment of Haussmann’s first M3 Building Systems Manufacturing Plant at Bromelton (SDA)
2.) for the Production of Haussmann’s first M3 Building Systems Manufacturing Plant at Bromelton (SDA)

Licensed Contract – meaning: “End – User License Agreement” legal Contract between project Developer/Owner and the Consultant or Consulting Firm. A Haussmann licensing Agreement is a written Contract between two Parties, in which a IP Owner permits another Party to use that IP under a specific set of Parameters. A licensing Agreement or license Agreement typically involves a Licensor and a Licensee and License Fees.

Licensing Agreements delineate the Terms under which one Party may use Property (IP) owned by another Party. While the Properties (IPS) in question can include a myriad of Items, including existing IP, IP, Designs, Machinery and Equipment Designs and Processes already existing and or to be modified and or to be developed during the supply Period, personal Possessions, licensing Agreements are most often used for intellectual Property, such as Patents, Designs, Trade Marks, Soft Ware and Copy Wrights. being all documented materials passed on between the Licensor and the Licensee including all draft Documents, Blueprints, Animations, Videos and all visual Art and general Designs and Outlines. A Licensing Agreements, must be a part of any Contract Agreement with Haussmann and to be used for commercialisation of our Business.

The License Agreement – Contact to supply Goods and Services – must specify in granular detail how the licensed Parties can and may use all such properties covered by such License.

The geographical Regions within which the property may be utilised.
The Time Period Parties are allotted to use the Property
The Exclusivity or non-Exclusivity of a given Arrangement.
Scaling Terms, such that License Fees will be incurred if the Property is reused a certain number of times The Licensee will be restricted from using the property (all such IP and related) in no other consulting Activity other than with Haussmann.

Fair bargaining Power between the contracting Parties is involved in a License Agreement, because the Licensee is likely to Profit immensely from such Arrangement or Arrangements.

It is suggest contracting Parties entering into Licensing Agreements, connected with the relevant technical Agreement, either Project Management and or Engineering (Coordinating Engineers), must consult an Attorney because there are Complexities that may be hard to grasp for those without a deep Understanding of Intellectual Property Law or extensive commercial Experience in drafting such Agreement and or Agreements.

Licensing Revenue.
Licensing Revenue is Income earned by allowing its copyrighted or patented Materials to be used by another Company, in this case, the nominated project management group or Bryce’s company to enjoy large Profit centres, without ever having and or being the developer for such commercial, profitable Advantage or Advantages providing long term large Profit Centres.

Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property is a set of
Intangibles-owned and legally protected by Haussmann from outside use or Implementation without Consent.

Why Licensing Matters
A licensee is a business, Entity, or individual that has legal Permission to conduct Activities using something that another Party owns or controls. (The Licensor)

How License Fees Work
A License Fee or Royalty is a Payment to an Owner for the ongoing use of their Asset or Property (IP) etc., such as Patents, Copyrighted Works, or natural Resources.

Supply of Goods and Services licensed Contract Agreement meaning:

A Contract for Goods and Services is a contract between two or more parties agreeing to the performance of an expressed tasks or services, a Contract for Services specifies the Service to be performed and sets an agreeable Standard of Completion for these Services and or delivery of Goods. Project Contract: fixed price, cost-reimbursable (also called costs-plus) or time and materials.

Elements have been present during our negotiations, trying to achieve a binding contract: the offers on both sides, acceptance, mutual assent (also known as “meeting of the minds”), consideration, capacity, and legality and then signed when all those elements are present. (agreement Capacity, Consideration, Intentions).

Any draft Agreements include:
  • Title and Security Interests,
  • Product and Services Appointment Types,
  • A Supply Agreement needs to include Specifications, as to how the Supplier will supply Goods and Services to the nominated Party
  • Product and Price
  • Forecasts
  • Order and Delivery Processes
  • Product Safety
  • Defects
  • Title and Security Interests in the Goods and Services

We must consider:
In the Aggregate of our Agreements, a Master Supply Agreement(s) of Services, or MSAs, are generally contracts that come into existence when a company maintains several contracts with the same supplier, and therefore seeks to streamline the process by merging them into a single agreement. (engaged for a Fee to carry out a Service assignment to a project)

Our Agreement(s):

      • Offer.
      • Acceptance.
      • Consideration.
      • Mutuality of Obligation.
      • Competency and Capacity.

Proposed professional services agreement can be used for a one-time service, as per our discussions and as well as ongoing services.

It can also be used as a master level agreement.

Proposed master services agreement is a contract that spells out most but not all of the terms between the signing parties.

Its purpose is to speed up and simplify future contracts. The initial time-consuming negotiation is done once, at the beginning.

Service Agreements / Contract Terms:
Term/Duration Responsibilities/Scope of Work: Payment Terms: Dispute Resolution Terms: Intellectual Property Rights: Liabilities/Indemnification: … Modifications/Amendments: …
License Fees Waiver: Representations / Warranties Relationship Status of the Parties

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From Waste

To Factory

History and historical achievements created our future.

The founders of the 5-star green building technology trust had the vision and determination and drive to provide the foundations of our business. Bringing on global change to one of the oldest businesses in the world – shelter.

It is now up to Haussmann to commercialise the advantages by building the first commercial scale manufacturing plant, which will enable large numbers of homes to be produced. We aim to take Haussmann business from today’s beginnings to one of the world’s largest producers/manufacturers of essential precision engineered building systems creating true affordable housing for the world. Haussmann will be a major force driving human progress.

Executive Committee

Appointments to commence, once first stage global equity crowd funding has been completed and our Regional Pacific Head office has been established.

Formulating new Directors Appointments

New Director appointments will be made, as the company is progressing with its “external activities” – SPV cooperate entity creation, and additional plant pre preparation activities. (Emergency Housing Plants)


Haussmann’s commercial group will be headquartered in a regional centres, preceding the establishment of regional plant establishments. Haussmann teams will be focused on delivering market strategies and working hand in hand with the plant project management group, via a nominated SPV products group, to grow value across customer and supplier chains which will include local, pre plant home sales, global sales and marketing, procurements, including rail and marine logistics organisations, supported by our commercial finance group, including market analysis functions via nominated SPV.

SPV – our Nominated special-purpose entity (vehicle), is a legal entity created to fulfil narrow, specific, and temporary objectives used by Haussmann to isolate the firm from financial risk. The Entity is a fenced organisation having limited predefined purposes and a legal personality company which will receive all funding from Haussmann Limited and will transfer such funds and rights under the plant license and royalty agreements to contracted entities for management obligations and rights to use the SPV to finance Haussmann Plant contractors, and as such Haussmann’s large plant manufacturing infrastructure project is achieving a narrow set of goals without putting the entire firm at risk.

Site-specific plant infrastructure (nominated SPV), will hold a single asset and associated permits and contract rights. Our nominated special-purpose entity will be owned by one entity, Haussmann Limited. Our nominated SPV may be set up as an ‘orphan’ company, with their shares settled on charitable trust and with professional directors provided by an administration company to ensure that there is no connection with Haussmann. Such proposed structure set up may, or not may be considered, when Haussmann Insurance policies have been structured and ready to be contracted and implemented.

All plant infrastructure contracting parties will contract with Haussmann Limited via nominated SPV. Haussmann will procure all such parcels of funding to start, enable, progress and complete contracting entities’ obligations to plan, establish, test and commission all relevant industrial processes, fabrications and assembly and all necessary infrastructure for the nominated Haussmann Plant to produce product as contracted to input, output and quality, cost and type of product within agreed contracted timeframes.

Advisers & Contractors

During our R&D development stages, technical and scientific advisers, and suppliers of goods and services, such as machinery and equipment, provided quotes and development information for processes and designs and all such information relating to the development of new composite materials technology and associated industrial processes, to enable Haussmann Limited to build manufacturing facilities to produce highly competitive, dry build housing systems.

Contracted Consultants during the R&D period –

During our R&D development stages, technical and scientific advisers, and suppliers of goods and services, such as machinery and equipment, provided quotes and development information for processes and designs and all such information relating to the development of new composite materials technology and associated industrial processes, to enable Haussmann Limited to build manufacturing facilities to produce highly competitive, dry build housing systems.

Babcock–BSH and their partner Müegge Elektronik
Rekkers – sorting & panel transport, Casettes for Panel Drying System – Loading & Dispatch
Lindauer – Dornier – RFV Drying (64.5 MWH) Unit – 500kVA per Casette
Simplekamp – Germany – reduction equipment
Raptor-Tietjen – Verfarungstechnic – Shredding & Granulation
Klaussen – Process Machinery
Bayer Leverkusen – product mix development
Handle Extrusion Technologies – machinery and Equipment supplies – composite materials distribution
Condux – solid waste feedstock preparations – reductions – granulations – fine milling
Schwaebische Huttenwerke – silo storage and materials transport – Binder entry & transportation Silos
Babcock BSH – part drying production lines
Brentwood Engineering – Materials handling & processing Waste entry Systems
Heatwave – Radio contineuous frequency drying systems – Vacuum Systems
DBI –M. Dieterich, (Dipl.Eng). Coordinating Plant Engineering Adviser
Eisenmann KG, Germany – Main Contractor – Plant Engineering Group – Materials Handling –Wrapping & Packaging
Bleichert -Eisenmann KG, Germany, Surface finishing, Pre –Coating, Final Coating,
Eirich – fine dosing, mixing – mixing towers,
Polymar polymer and water-based coating/paint supplier
Dr.K. Obaidi, (Ph.D.Bsc.Eng.) Adviser Engineering, processing and coating
Professor Tran, RMIT – Sterilisation – Mictrowave technology
SR – Schindler – surface and shape finishing – machining
Krupp Germany – Crushers, materials reduction – crawler Hammers, Hammermill –Shredder – milling
Klaussen – Process Machinery Coating Materials preparations
Byrne – Container Compactors
Simplecamp – raw fiber board production
Schneider – Australia High and Medium Voltage Network- Plant Steering Room Emergency Power Supply- Communications
Robert Bosh – nominated
Kuka Robotics – nominated
ThyssenKrupp – nominated

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