Haussmann, a global blueprint for the sustainable industrial production of housing.
When in production, “Developer’s type profits” from an industrial production of “Real Estate”, may be achieved.

First time offered, an investment in Haussmann is now within your reach.

Your investment will enable us to put our competitive advantages to work and create a new industry and a new way of doing business in the 21st Century.

The purpose of our Company is to be a force for good, leaving a “social footprint” of new opportunities and social entrepreneurship, with the aim of creating value over decades for all concerned, whether a shareholder, an employee, a customer, or society.

We are planning and implementing, step by step, well programmed commercialisation programs and processes, preparing our fund-raising programmes and possibly seeking new capital, by public listing, (IPO) initial public offering and reverse mergers, Global equity crowd funding programmes. Also offering another investment opportunity through convertible Bonds with conversion rate of debt to equity in a Haussmann Plant, of up to 33 1/3 % of total debt issued at time of offer.

We have an ongoing dedicated commitment supporting and progressing our actions to achieve exceptional outcomes.

We believe, our way of doing business, must serve and benefit all and must create a Win:Win for all involved.

Once our first manufacturing plant is in production, Haussmann will derive plant profits from the sale of goods, which are precision engineered, affordable, highly competitively priced, state of the art residential homes and emergency Housing, deriving sales from local and global markets.

Each investor, following an investment over
AUD $10,000
via a licensed equity crowd funding platform, or IPO, via nominated security dealer, stockbroker or other licensed security funding platform, will receive a priority bonus order number, to purchase a Haussmann home, from the first production
of the first 10 000 homes,
to be produced at our first Australian plant at Bromelton, Queensland.

A further priority investment Bonus will apply to early investors when a plant is in full production, by receiving an annual automatic participation right in Haussmann’s Home give away in- house lottery of
1,000 Homes per annum,
a chance to win a home every year for the next 20 years.

Each Haussmann homeowner, upon taking possession of his or her home, will double the value of their Home, adjusted to current local  home market values – having purchased their Haussmann home at a
50% discounted price offer.

We also believe, there are more responsibilities a business must meet other than just creating profits.

We intend to create shared values by integrating our future needs with the needs of our customers, actively enhancing our ongoing R&D efforts, retaining our industrial and product leading position and progressively growing our global market share.

We will lead by example and will provide outgoing entrepreneurial leadership.

We are progressing through the planning stages in preparation for the construction and commissioning of the first Haussmann M3, precision engineered, building systems housing manufacturing plant to be located at Bromelton, Qld. Australia.

When investing in Haussmann Limited, via an approved licensed investment platform, each and every early investor will become an equity partner and a Shareholder in each and every Haussmann plant, via the Haussmann Limited majority shareholding. As equity partners in each and every operating plant established and in production, investors will have a share in projected future returns.

When considering an investment in Haussmann, consider seeking independent advice. Due to the start-up nature of Haussmann, investing in Haussmann Limited carries risks.
Our forecasts, financial projections, and forward looking statements are conditional upon receiving funding and other known/unknown conditions which may apply, and as such, may not necessarily be within the control of the management of Haussmann Limited, and unexpected adverse results could result in loss of investment.

Haussmann Limited does not create any profit during the early preparations, planning, and commissioning of each Plant.

Each Haussmann Plant will take up to
18 months to start production, and will take a further
12 months to achieve our first plant production and the sale of Homes, Residential Dwellings.

Based on our forward financial projections, when in production, investment returns will compound every year, with returns being added by bringing into production our second plant and subsequent plants.

With each plant being brought into production, our Global market, purchase leverage and size of our business expands.
We aim to become the leading industrial dominant market force in the manufacturing of residential dwellings.

In creating our success and exercising our industrial advanced scientific, engineering and production abilities, we will illustrate our global business mechanics and exceptional performance through the unique pivotal advantages of our diverse business activities under the one company.

Through well prepared and directed investments, ongoing R&D and a programme of continuous improvement and our applied expertise, Haussmann plants will strive compounding benefits over many years to investors, shareholders, and employees alike.

Haussmann’s M3 building systems are potentially a game changer.

Haussmann homes provide shelter at an exceptionally affordable price, benefitting each and every Haussmann customer and society.

Haussmann offers a unique industrial value proposition that will shape the future of housing on a formidable scale of production of efficient homes that are affordable and sustainable with zero emissions, green technology, and precision engineering for both residential and emergency housing.

In short: Potentially a Unicorn in the making.

Using our industrial and raw material advantages, we can create advanced living room spaces, aesthetic designs combined with functionality, providing a superior type of building system.
Haussmann Residential Dwelling packages, when produced, will capture the local and global market share, responding to the never ending demand for affordable housing and emergency housing.

As a result of design and manufacturing superiority, we are overcoming and replacing present wet build inefficiencies and changing the way residential homes are designed, built, and sold.

Conventional building materials currently available to professional builders and applied through the “wet building” process to produce boutique, one-off hand crafted dwellings at the client’s location require a lengthy process over many months.

The current boutique build of residential dwellings is an excessively expensive and unsustainable process producing substantial Co2 emissions and taking months of specific building processes on site.

In 2020, this is simply unacceptable for a sustainable future and is causing massive depletion of natural resources to supply materials to meet the demand for shelter.

Our Homes are transported in divided small part- sections, in containers by rail, road, barge or ships to the nominated customer building site.
Our homes can potentially be built within weeks to lock up stage, ready to move in and provide a far superior product, compared to most boutique, conventionally build homes, built over 6-9 months.

Haussmann is shaping the world of housing by providing superior quality, quantity, price and industrial, precision engineered housing products, expected to start production in mid or late 2022.

Brands like Haussmann will grow more powerful over time, because consumers judge the virtue and ethics of a brand.
Haussmann, by its actions, is going to support society by
donating 2,000
240 square meter homes per annum per plant for 20 Years.

This will make a real impact in reducing homelessness and other prominent social issues.
Haussmann is at the cutting edge of affordable housing supply and a leader of social and sustainable causes.

Haussmann is willing and able to address the huge demand for shelter and housing in the global marketplace. We offer exceptional compounding benefits for all concerned, from home buyers, investors, employees and beyond.

Haussmann will become synonymous with quality, sustainable buildings and products with characteristics which are durable, competitive, environmental and with the advantage of delivering homes faster, cheaper, and better than any other competitor.

Our main value proposition is the offer of a lower cost commoditised product.
Haussmann manufactured buildings stand apart from any other housing system, having created a totally sustainable, fire proof, non combustible, vermin proof and cyclone proof residential dwelling.

All our residential, precision engineered buildings are installed clicked together on site, by our professional, licensed building, installation teams.

By bringing two sides of a marketplace together – supply and demand – market demand will be created by our advanced range of mass-produced products thereby creating a virtual circle of sustainable growth.

Doubling down on our commitment to providing product sustainability, we are using, as part of our raw materials
750,000 tonnes of mixed solid waste per annum per plant. We turn waste
“intermingled raw materials” which form a major part of our raw material stream, delivering an impressive zero waste solution, application, precision engineered building systems.

Greater than 25% return on investment is within your reach.
A global blueprint for a sustainable future for housing

Our initial R&D programmes began in 2000 and were completed in mid-2017.

Our licensor’s IP portfolio consists of trade secrets, processing know how, and a large range of uniquely developed technologies and formulations, plant patents, trademarks, and a number of design patents.
It is proposed, once plant blueprints are completed, that some of our innovations will be patented.

We envisage home-building systems design patents, Haussmann plant design product and plant production systems patents will be lodged.

The ultimate key to Haussmann‘s success is the application and use of special materials and ultra-efficient and new industrial operating technologies, which virtually no competitor can match.

“Our main value proposition” is the offer of a lower cost commoditised end product.

Solving plant by plant the demand for affordable housing, solving in part the global problem of housing affordability and shelter for mankind, without destroying and adversely affecting and impacting the environment, thus creating a sustainable product.

Fuelling a circle of production growth, suppliers of goods and services to each and every Haussmann plant will provide jobs growth.

Ultimately, combining both, low-cost and high-capability capacity provision of housing, which gives Haussmann a highly advantageous position.

Most importantly, Haussmann has created a new industry which will be the beginning of a huge global housing supply.

Haussmann’s manufactured building systems are the driver of our company’s revenue and focus of the company’s attention. Our dedication and total concentration of our efforts in the commercialisation of our technologies, and bringing our plants into production will in time become one of the greatest wealth generators, once our global factories have been established.

The protection of our environment is one of the core missions, enabling us to drive massive growth.

Many of the biggest and most durable businesses in history have been built on a specific advantage(s) related to cost, but have never included so many other benefits as offered by Haussmann industrial systems and products.

Haussmann is expected to attract a strong customer base wanting something more, something beyond price. Namely, sustainability, ethical production, new and well-paid jobs, and a quality Haussmann product.

The key to our global success is also assessed by how much our industry is going to positively affect society, and this will be the shown by the ultimate acceptance of our products by society.

We have been in talks with relevant Government Departments discussing our vision and seeking support to build our M3 housing systems manufacturing plants, and outlining the substantial community benefits to any economy of a nominated country and or state, wherever a Haussmann Plant is established.

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Your investment choice

An investment in
a new Industry,
engineering dealing with the optimization
of complex industrial processes and systems

Manufacturing –
Precision Engineered to application
– Residential Dwellings

Carrying out new combinations including:

An exceptional Investment choice is now within your reach!

Your investment has the potential to
CREATE large numbers of NEW JOBS

will fund large industrial scale housing production

A New Industrial technology & profit centre
Haussmann’s M3 Building Systems Manufacturing Plant
that includes, designing, building, optimizing, managing operations of industrial equipment and processes

The Facts –

based on Volume & Quantities processed-
do determine the Size of our Business

Haussmann M3 building Systems Manufacturing Plants
Making it possible to
eliminate all Co2 emissions during installations of Homes on site
(produced by wet, boutique build dwellings / construction)

Haussmann Homes are “dry build” Homes.

Precision engineered
sustainable housing
sold at
substantially reduced purchase cost
by up to 50%

Local and Global

Demand – outstrips – supply

We will provide exceptional employment conditions,
sharing with our workforce, our customers and the community alike.

This is your chance to invest in an
ethical, sustainable, industrial investment
producing state of the art
affordable, residential and emergency housing.

A global blueprint for ethical wealth creation and a sustainable future.

We believe acquisition of wealth is not the only driving force in our lives. We work to better ourselves and the rest of humanity.

Investing in Haussmann

The holding Company
is buying a share in each and every Haussmann Plant established

Demand for Housing is outstripping Supply
We have expectations of long term returns once in production

During our plant establishment period,
There will be no returns on investment for up to 24 months.

Your support will be
supporting mankind,
Haussmann’s manufacturing ability
Wealth creation
by Industry

Haussmann M3 industries will
CREATE huge social benefits,
solving demand for affordable shelter
wherever M3 Haussmann Plants are established and Haussmann Homes are produced and build.

We are
as a responsible manufacturer, the
Eliminating Co2 emissions when building homes,

unlike conventional build homes, wet build structures, which create huge Co2 emissions,
Haussmann Homes are fully sustainable.

After completion of our R&D programs, Haussmann is now commercialising its technologies and know-how
establishing large manufacturing plants

With every Investment of $10,000.00
Haussmann will issue reward based
Investor Bonus priority Options

Bonuses provided to the first 8000 investors

 Minimum  investment amount
AUD $ 10,000.00
per investor

 Maximum  investment amount
AUD $ 20,000.00
per investor

You now can buy a home,
like you can buy a car.


Your investment will create
large, permanent, meaningful employment

Permanent employment
2,500 jobs

Indirect employment
25,000 jobs

Employment during construction
1200 – 1400 jobs

Giving back to Society

Haussmann will donate, in total, 1,000 homes to society per annum
Haussmann donated Homes
Rental restricted, leased for
$50 per week
for all

Creating and contributing a fair and a balanced society
and exemplary employment standards
for all Haussmann employees

The way are homes presently being built
can be best described as being
“the pre industrial State” of housing supply to date

It was impossible to compare, until the arrival of Haussmann,
an industrial superior range of product of housing,
as the one and only way to build to date
is commonly on location, hand crafted one-off production, of boutique wet build housing

What Henry Ford has achieved creating mobility by industrialisation

Haussmann Is now introducing the industrial production of housing.


Our local and Global mission

Haussmann in Time, will eliminate
 the huge global social impediment 
the chronic shortage, affordable housing

Projected returns created by Haussmann industrial Profit Centre(s) when put into production for millions of people, their
dream of home ownership will become a reality.

we create sustainable, affordable living space & wealth by industrial engineering, technology & innovation

Our Price Advantages will be achieved
by processing low cost raw materials
and application on site of dry build home establishment system methods.

industrial building systems produced by new industrial production technologies

On-site interlocking click together M3 precision engineered and applied building system.
The advantage is Haussmann’s “site dry building installation methods”
which are eliminating conventional wet build home building methods.

Substantially Reduced building time
Substantially reducing building costs
as every m2 of our homes are precision engineered in parts in our manufacturing plant and such parts are simply permanently installed –
clicked together on-site, creating exceptional quality living spaces that are fire proof, cyclone proof and vermin proof

Home establishment within weeks

Average size, 288 m2 Haussmann residential dwelling, can be built within weeks, ready to move in
(Size of home and weather permitting).


Haussmann offers vendor finance to *all Haussmann Home purchasers at a fixed interest Rate and terms up to 30 years.

**All Haussmann loans will be insured, a home insurance product, to insure vendor default, introducing social compassion and humanity to possible default loan positions.
Insurance will cover up to 12 months interest payment on default.
Homeowner’s Insurance.

All building Approval process Managed by Haussmann

Haussmann residential dwelling building applications lodged and managed to approval,
for and behalf of each homeowner is part of the Haussmann Home purchase offer.

Haussmann Advantages will
unlock significant new market demand

Demand outstrips supply
for Residential housing

Local demand for affordable, state of the art Housing:

It is estimated that
9.9 million Australians
wish/want/need to purchase shelter

global Demand estimated
1 Billion Homes
Australian Government Organisations claim
1.2 million Homes
Australian national housing shortage

It will take product output of 2 Haussmann Plants
up to 10 YEARS to produce
1.2 million Homes

Haussmann Residential Housing manufacturing plants proposed locations:

Bromelton, (SDA) Queensland
HML appointed Project Management Group Master Plan preparations to be commissioned for Bromelton (SDA)

Including future preparations for
Geelong, Victoria

Please note:
Haussmann Plants, when in production, will have the capacity to achieve the production of such numbers of homes as projected at estimated time and as projected by Haussmann.

No other Residential building structures and/or homes are built like Haussmann Homes.

Haussmann building systems’ composite materials make Haussmann residential dwellings:


Vermin proof
Nothing will eat it or “use it as a home”.

cyclone resistant

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